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Working with Copper Pipe – Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings Working with copper pipe is a lot easier that working with many other types of pipe. Not only is copper light in weight and fairly cheap but it is also easy to work with. When it comes to joining two pieces of copper pipe together, you can either use a capillary joint or […]

Plumbing Work Underneath Floorboards, Fluxes and Footprints

Underneath the Floorboards In many houses, you will need access to the space underneath the floorboards in order to do your job. This can sometimes be quite frightening as you do not want to damage a customer’s floor, unless you have to. Obviously you will need a great tool than will help you lift the […]

Plumbing and Different Types of Spanners

Spanners Adjustable spanners are very useful tools for a plumber as many plumbing fittings such as compression joints have nuts on them. What can sometimes be tricky is the lack of standardised nut sizes between different manufacturers and this is can be seen between fittings of the same size of pipes. This means that you […]

Water and Building Regulations

Continuing from the previous article; The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations also deals with issues regarding water contaminations, preventing contaminations getting into drinking water. However, the main differences between the new regulations and the old byelaws can be broken down in the following points: From January 2001: a 20% reduction of water flushed in new […]