Plumbing and Water Softening

The difference between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ water is that hard water contains certain dissolved minerals that soft water does not. The water also tastes different and as most people know, they perform different when used in washing. When soap and the minerals in hard water mix, they will create a so called ‘scum’ which is […]

Cold Water Plumbing and the Cold Water Cistern

In this article I will tell you a bit more about the cold water cistern used in cold water plumbing. As you probably already know, the rising main and the cold water cistern are connected through a ball-valve. A ball-valve has a ball of either metal or plastic that floats on the water surface and […]

Stop-Valves and Issues with Valves

Valves There are four types of valves that are mainly used in plumbing and fitted along both the hot and cold water supplies and these are: gate-valves, drain-valves, stop-valves and servicing valves. They are used in different places along the water supplies and they are designed and work in a slightly different way from each […]