Valves and Conversion Kits for Taps


Valves might be small but they are none the less, a very important part of your job when working as a plumber. These little things can make your job a lot easier if fitted correctly. There are different types of valves depending on the job at hand but you should come across them along the water system. Valves are generally fitted in connection to both the hot and cold water supplies. The reason for this is to be able to cut off the water from the entire water system or from individual branches if need be. This basically means – the more valves fitted in the system – the easier it should be to work with, whether you do some maintenance work or replacement work. I think this goes without saying but obviously never fit valves to any safety vent pipes!



So, as I mentioned, there are different types of valves on the market but the four most common ones are drain-valves, gate-valves, servicing valves and stop-valves. Drain-valves differ from the other types of valves as it is normally kept closed. It will generally only be opened if and when you have to empty the system of water. Drain-valves can be fitted along different parts of the water system but can often be found fitted in the rising main, above the stop-valve. They are also fitted in the cold supply pipe connection to the hot water cylinder, just at the entrance of the cylinder. You can also find them at the lowest point of most central heating systems, next to boilers and on down-loops. Moving outdoors, a drain-valve is very often fitted before a garden tap. You will notice that they have a nozzle for you to fit a hose pipe and most drain-valves, at least the good ones, should have a gland that prevents water leak from when it is open.

Conversion Kits for Taps

A quick and fairly cheap way to update your bathroom without making a mess or a dent in your wallet is to change the taps. You will be happy to know that quite a few existing cross-head handle taps can be changed to shrouded heads and therefore they will look brand new. The easiest way to do this is by using a tap conversion kit. There are different kinds of conversion kits and you can either replace the old handle with new ones or you might have to replace the actual spindle assembly and a new replacement nylon seat.



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