Working with Copper Pipe and Bending It

Copper Pipe

So the benefits of working with copper pipe are many. It is not only light in weight and fairly cheap but it is also easy to work with. There might be times where you will have to fit a copper pipe through a hole in the wall, through the roof or you might have to go round another fitting. When this happens it might be necessary to be able to bend the copper pipe. Luckily for you, copper pipe is easy to bend. If you are looking for a right-angled bend, you can either use an elbow or a slow bend. If you are working with a shorter piece of copper pipe that has to be bent, you are generally better off using a piece of hand-bendable and flexible pipe. If you are using a flexible copper pipe, keep in mind that they come with either plain ends, solder ring fittings or even tap connectors.

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Bending Copper Pipe

Always remember to support the copper pipe if you are looking to bend it as it can otherwise distort. A useful thing to use is a bending spring and these are typically used for copper pipes that are 15 mm or even 22 mm. If you are using a spring, make sure to clean and attach a piece of string to it before inserting it into the copper pipe. This is so you can easily push or pull it to where you want to bend the pipe and then easily pull it out afterwards. You bend the pipe by pulling it across your knee, making sure not to crinkle the inside as you otherwise will have difficulties removing the spring. I would always advice you to use a piece of cloth around the pipe so that you will not hurt your knee in the bending process. It might seem strange but the easiest way to get the spring out, is if the pipe is a bit over-bent and then just pulled back. You can also use a screwdriver through the loop in order to twist the spring out of the pipe, if it gets partly stuck on the way out. I would always advice you to bend the pipe before cutting it, especially if it has to be close to the end of the pipe. If you are working with a high number of copper pipes that needs bending, you can always hire a bending machine as you otherwise are likely to suffer from painful knees for the next few days. If you need to bend copper pipe that is 28 mm or thicker, you will always need to use a machine.

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