There are many useful tools for a plumber and one of these tools is the cold chisel. The need of running pipes through walls is a returning occurrence for a plumber and this often means making medium or even large holes in them. To start out with, an electric drill fitted with a masonry drill bit can be used but sometimes you might have to resort to using a cold chisel and a large hammer (a club hammer being your best choice here). If the job at hand, requires you to make larger holes through walls, the best tool to use is the core drill. The core drill is almost like a saw with tungsten carbide-tipped teeth and it is available for hire in different sizes – no need for you to purchase one yourself. The benefit of using a core drill is that it will take out a bit ‘or plug’ of masonry with minimal damage to the wall itself. It will however need a heavy-duty hammer drill in order to drive it.

Electric Drill

Electric Drills

An essential tool for any handyman and especially a plumber is the electric drill. As I have already mentioned, making holes in walls are a returning occurrence for a plumber so it is important to have the right tools for the job. So, generally speaking, what is the best tool for this type of job? I would say it is an electric drill with a fitted masonry drill bit. In order to get ultimate usage of your drill, make sure to get one with two speeds, or variable speeds and with a hammer action. Some of the most common reasons to make new holes in walls are to either pass pipes through them, to support basins, central heating boilers and other fittings or just to secure pipe clips. However, if you ever need to make holes in something like a tank, it is often best to use a hand drill as it is easier to control due to its lower speed. The last thing you want is a leak.


Another tool that is useful for a plumbers but might not be as obvious a choice as the above mentioned tools, are files. Two of the most useful files to have in your tool box are a small, round file, often called a ‘rat tail file’, and also a half-round file. These are mainly used to getting rid of burrs at cut pipes and to make the pipe ends nice and square.

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